The Ultimate Guinness Kegerator

If you are wanting that dark stout out of a keg at home then one of your best bets is to purchase a Guinness Kegerator.  Yes, there is a kegerator made specially for Guinness!  Most beer systems just need CO2, but in order to get that great tasting Guinness from a keg you will need a blend of nitrogen and CO2.

There are some other added requirements to pouring a stout from a keg like having a U system coupler, and a European faucet.  Keep reading below to find out how to get the right kegerator for your Guinness keg!

Beverage-Air Guinness Kegerator

guinness kegerator
Guinness at home sounds like a dream come true for some of us, and thankfully Beverage-Air has specifically outfitted their BM23 kegerator for Guinness! This kegerator is a must have for Guinness lovers because it is the easiest way to pour Guinness at home.

As stated above a Guinness keg must have a special type faucet called a chrome stout faucet or European Specialty Faucet.  There is a restrictor disc inside the faucet head, and when the beer comes through the disc this is how you get that patented Guinness head.

Guess what?  This kegerator comes with this type of faucet so you will be ready for a stout pour.  It also comes with a standard faucet if you want to put a different type of keg in the kegerator.

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The capacity of this kegerator is (1) 1/2 keg, (1) 1/4 keg or (1) 5 gallon keg. There are only half kegs of Guinness available in the U.S.  You also get a 5 year warranty on the compressor and a beer line cleaning kit!

This kegerator is also equipped with a Guinness keg coupler!  After purchasing this kegerator the only things you will need to buyis the Guinness half keg and the nitrogen tank.  You will have to go to your local gas dealer and get a mixture of 75% nitrogen and 25% CO2.  After that you will be in stout heaven!

Beverage-Air has really done a nice job at giving Guinness drinkers what they want in a kegerator. By purchasing this kegerator you will get a wonderful product that is versatile enough to pour many types of beer, in addition to Guinness.

The price of the kegerator is comparable to other models, especially when you taken into account the detail and excellence that was put in to making this perfect for Guinness drinkers.

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