Surface Mount Kegerator Drip Tray

Does your kegerator drip?  The answer is a resounding yes!  A kegerator can be very messy!  Beer itself can be very messy.  You don’t want your beer to drip from your faucet and stain, damage, and create a puddle of beer after your pour.  The best thing to do is to purchase a kegerator drip tray. Finding the right drip tray could be the difference between an unsightly mess at your party and an easy clean up job.  After a lot of research and reading a lot of reviews I believe I have found the best tray for your kegerator.

kegerator drip tray

Kegerator Drip Tray

A popular brand that makes a lot of kegerator products is Kegco.  The Kegco DP-125 is the drip tray of choice.  It has some wonderful features that will leave you satisfied with your beer drinking experience.  It is made of great quality and really gets the job done! Here are the best qualities of this drip tray:

  • Surface Mount - The Kegco can easily be mounted to any surface leaving you without any worry about it moving around and spilling the beer that is collected.
  • Quality Steel – It is made out of 100% stainless steel.
  • Detachable Grill – You can easily take the grill off so you can clean it quickly and easily.
  • Easy to Clean – you can rinse it out in the sink and it is also dishwasher safe!

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You can see that this product could be a great addition to your bar, but what about standing up to criticism.  Currently, this product has a 4 star rating!  Most of the reviewers comment on the quality of the product which gives you the assurance that this drip tray is going to be in you home or bar for a long time!

Also, the price is comparable to other models, but this one is clearly the winner because of the reviews.  The last thing you need is a mess at your next party because of your kegerator.  This drip tray can solve all of your problems by giving you the confidence that it is going to collect all beer that drips from your tap.

To me it is a no brainer.  Click below and buy yours today so you can keep your house clean, guests happy, and more importantly your partner happy!  Say goodbye to the mess, and get your kegerator tray today.  Don’t bother with other drip trays…stick with the Kegco!

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