The Perfect Kegerator Beer Line

Any kind of product or appliance you buy will eventually become worn and be in need of some sort of replacement.  The same is true for kegerators.  Fortunately, you can find all the parts you need on the internet and be able to get your kegerator back up and running in no time so you can be able to pour beer again!  What I want to talk to you about today is finding a new kegerator beer line.

There are a few reasons why you could need a new beer line.  First, you should be cleaning your line properly, but even if you clean it properly it can still get very dirty after continuous use.  Also, if you are finding that your beer is pouring foamy then your line is probably very dirty, and in need of being replaced.

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Another reason that you need to replace your line is if your beer is tasting metallic or is not drinkable.  If every beer you pour tastes like that then it is probably a good idea to replace your line.

Thankfully, replacing the line is an easy job and can be done quickly.  But, what is the best line for your kegerator?

The Best Beer Line

beer lineAfter a lot of research, I have found this to be the best line out there.  It is produced by Draft Warehouse and is made with very high quality parts.  It comes with everything you need to be able to make a new line connection for your kegerator.

The line has been pre-assembled so you can easily connect it to your kegerator.  There really is not a lot of work to do with this!  The tube itself is 5′ of 3/16″, and includes a hex nut, washer, tail piece, and hose.

With this line you will be back to drinking beer in no time. Beer goes through the hose easily and doesn’t leak or affect the flavor of the beer.

Also, this line has great reviews!  Currently on it has a 4.5 star rating!  You can’t be the quality of this hose!  One reviewer said, “Fit perfectly and with an excellent seal. Not much more you can say. I would definitely recommend this line given its low cost and high quality.”  It is also one of the most economical beer lines on the market.  A very small price to pay to get your keg back on track.

If the beer coming out of your kegerator is not up to par or you are having other complications then do yourself a favor and purchase this affordable beer hose today!

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