Looking for Unique Beer Gifts?

If you are looking for unique beer gifts then I have just the idea for you. You are probably here because there is someone in your life that is a beer aficionado and you don’t know what to buy him/her.  The good news is that you are at the right place, and I have the right product that is going to make the beer lover in your life very happy, and more importantly you will quench their thirst!

What is The Most Unique Beer Gifts?

One of my favorite beer items in my house is my Edgestar mini kegerator.  After receiving one of these as a gift I realized that this is a pretty amazing product.  To begin it is a lot cheaper than a full-size kegerator, but it packs a lot of power.

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Here is what makes this beer gift so unique:unique beer gifts

  • Keeps Keg Cold - You beer fan probably loves keg’d beer but might not have room for a full-size keg, but can accommodate a mini keg.  Look no further!  A 5l keg is small enough but gives you a great amount of beer to keep you satisfied, and this kegerator will keep your beer cold and fresh for a long time.
  • Draft Beer - Who doesn’t love draft beer??? Chances are the beer lover in your life prefers draft beer than beer in a bottle or can.  Draft beer gives you that fresh taste that you can only get from a keg.  This unique gift will keep your keg cold and give you draft beer!
  • Portable – I love that this kegerator is portable.  It can be plugged into an RV, taken to a party, or sit nicely on your counter top.  It is very versatile!
  • Temperature Control – Another great feature is you can easily control what temperature setting you want your mini keg to be at.  The temperature ranges from 38-54 Degrees.

Furthermore, the reviews are awesome!  Out of all the small 5L kegerators on Amazon this one has the best reviews and it comes in at 4 stars!  Additionally, the price is perfect.  If you compare this item to the rest of the other kegerators on the market, this one comes in considerably cheaper, but still has high quality.  I believe this kegerator would be a perfect gift for you to purchase.  Click below and pick yours up today!

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