Guinness Pint Glass – Found Here!

guinness pint glassGuinness is one of those beers that have created and affected culture in a significant way.  The devotion from Guinness fans is almost cult like, and there isn’t many beers that can top what they are doing. Guinness is one the first beers I’ve ever had and the taste really floored me…it was almost too much to handle!

Guinness Pint Glass!

If you love Guinness beer then you probably have an accessory or two in your home!  One accessory that you definitely want to pick up is a set of pint glasses. A Guinness pint glass is not hard to find, but they are essential to any home bar! Personally, I have always been an IPA guy and my favorite beer is Sierra Nevada Celebration, but I have been visiting some Irish bars here lately and giving Guinness another try.  I think it is an aquired taste, and once you acquire it you now got it!  I’m growing to really love it and enjoy that dark stout flavor.  I’m sure you know the feeling.

I have my own collection of steins and glasses in my house and my favorite is the one I picked up from the Sierra Nevada brewing facility!  Now that I’ve been enjoying the taste of Guinness beer and bringing a 6 pack home here and there, I had to pick up a set of their pint glasses.  I found some here.

I would like to note that this is a handsome looking glass with an embossed harp on it (which helps out with the grip).  With the glass being cut from the bottom you cannot deny the elegance that this beer glass has. The folks at Guinness really went the extra mile with this glass.  It is not cheaply made and you will be proud to have this set in your home to serve to your friends.  Also, if you have ever been to the UK and had a Guinness pour it was in this glass.  Now you can have it in your own home!

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I would also like to point out that the price for four is very reasonable, especially compared to other sites out there.  I actually paid about half of this amount for my Sierra Nevada glass (just one glass!), so you are getting a really great deal.

One other thing to note is one of the reviewers out there said that some of his glasses broke in the dishwasher.  I cannot attest to that mainly because I always hand wash my favorite glasses because I don’t want them to break in the wash.  I would encourage you to do the same with your own glasses that you treasure.

Each Guinness pint glass comes wrapped individually in bubble wrap to ensure their safety.  If this is your beer of choice or you are looking for a cool gift for the Guinness lover in your life then you should definitely think about purchasing these.  They will warm (or cool off) the heart!

If you are looking for the perfect pint for your Guinness then don’t look any further than these glasses.

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