Growler Carrier Reviews

As craft beer drinking is becoming more popular domestically, I am seeing more and more people purchasing growlers.  For those of you proud growler owners out there, you may want to think about purchasing  a growler carrier to make transportation easier.  One reviewer mentioned that this was their little baby seat for their growler!  Read more for a review and how you can get a great carrier for your growler.

Growler Carrier

growler carrier
I have found this pictured carrier to be one of the best and most efficient carrier for sale today.  If you have had difficulty transporting your growler from place then this might be the one for you.  Your beer shouldn’t be sloshing around and your growler shouldn’t have to be punished from rolling around in your car and hitting God knows what.

One of the great things about this carrier is that it has the capacity to hold three growlers!  This is great for you who own multiple growlers.  It is made of foam that protects and keeps your growler insulated.  The designers of the carrier made this so that your growler wouldn’t spill or get damaged.  You can place this carrier anywhere and your growler is going to stay put!

Another added feature that it has it that it functions as and has a built-in growler collar.  If you have ever tried to dry out your growler after cleaning then you know how hard it can be to get it dry.  There is a hole at the bottom of the carrier that allows you to put the spout of the growler in. This hole holds it upright and allows the growler to drain.

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One of the best things that this carrier has going for it is that it has a nice price tag!  There are a lot of other carriers that you can spend a lot more on, but this carrier has a very reasonable price. With a built in growler collar you can’t go wrong with this carrier.

One other thing to note is the great reviews it gets.  As of today’s writing, this product has a 5 start rating!!!  One reviewer mentioned that the carrier; “holds them securely and in place. No more clanking around of shaking up the beer.”

If you are looking for a great carrier for your growler then you can’t go wrong this one.  Get yours today!

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