Commercial Kegerator – A Review

For those of you who are looking for a little more power in your kegerator experience then you may want to check out a commercial kegerator.  If you have a restaurant, catering company, or have a lot parties where you will be getting a lot of use out of your kegerator then you may want to go for a commercial grade kegerator.

Commercial Kegerator

In terms of commercial grade products I don’t think you can go wrong with Perlick’s brand of kegerators.  Since before the prohibition Perlick has been on the cutting edge of technology and commercial kegerator
quality kegerators.  This kegerator costs a little more than other models, but you will have the assurance of having commercial quality that will last you for years.  Here is what I love most about the Perlick:

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  • Front-vented, RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration system – keeps the beer colder!!!
  • Digital Temperature Control and Display – gives you more control over the temperature.  I love having the option of picking the temperature I want my beer to be.
  • Save Energy – This kegerator is energy star qualified!  Helps protect the environment and puts more money in your pocket by using less energy.
  • Thick Walls – It is made with two inch thick walls that cut down on vibration.
  • Two Faucet Option – This model kegerator can be purchased with an added tap giving you the option of having two kegs in the kegerator
  • 1,000 btu!

It is very easy to see how awesome this kegerator is!  Perlick is in a class of their own and do not make average products.  Without a doubt it will consistently pour you a cold beer every time for any occasion.  Also, I think most of your friends will be jealous that you got the coolest appliance in town!

The only con I have for the product is the price.  Perlick’s kegerators will cost you more than a typical kegerator, but it is a luxury kegerator.  It is a kegerator on steroids!  You pay for what you get so if you want the best then you can’t wrong with Perlick.

If you are in the market for a luxury product that has quality, and will last you a lifetime then you have found the right kegerator! A commercial kegerator is not for everybody, but if you want the best then you need to buy a Perlick.

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