Best Tabletop Beer Dispenser

A tabletop beer dispenser is a great way to keep your favorite beer cold.  A beer dispenser will give you the ability to keep you, your friends, and your guests thirsts quenched.  You won’t have to worry yourself with bottles and cans all you need is to pull the tap and your beer is ready!  If you are interested in a tabletop dispenser then check out the review below of the best one I have found.

Tabletop Beer Dispenser

Tabletop Beer Dispenser
BrewTender is a popluar brand that is making great beer drinking accessories including this dispenser.  This beer tower is just what you need for your next party or if you own a bar this is a great alternative to a pitcher.  It has as a lot of wonderful features that can’t be beat.  I think after reading th below information you will be hard pressed not to purchase one.

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BrewTender Features:

  • Beer Capacity – It holds up to 80 ounces of your favorite beer or alternative beverage (I think you should use beer :)).  This is a great capacity especially if you are not in the market for a kegerator or mini kegerator.  Holds more than pitcher!
  • Cooling Chamber - The cooling pitcher will keep your beer cold for the long haul.  One reviewer mentioned, “It keeps any beverage ice cold! Even when the ice in the middle tube starts to melt, the icey water still does the trick.”
  • Built-in Lights – A little bit of a novelty, but the lights are really cool to look at.  If your party is dark or if you are outside then no need to worry about having to find the dispenser…follow the light!
  • Easy Cleaning/Assembling – There really are only a few pieces, so the installation and assembly is very easy.  This also makes it very easy to dissemble and clean after you use it.

This dispenser really has it all.  It has a lazy-susan so you can rotate it around for easy access on your pub table.  Even if you don’t want it for beer, you can use it for tea, margaritas, or any other type of cocktail.

Another great benefit of this dispenser tower is that it has wonderful reviews.  Currently, on it has a 4.5 star rating. Also, the price is right.  Compared to other models you can’t go wrong with this beer dispenser.  If you are looking for a home beer dispenser then don’t hesitate…click below and get one for your next party!

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