The Best Stainless Steel Growler

A stainless steel growler is a must for the avid beer drinker.  Many moons ago men would go to their local pub with a bucket to have their draft beer poured in.  We have become a little more sophisticated with growler technology as you will see below.  Before I started getting into draft beer and using a growler, my big question was why should I purchase a growler when I can just buy a 6-pack?  Well the simple answer is you can get that fresh draft beer taste with a growler that you can’t get with bottled or canned beer.   Instead of sitting at the bar you can take your favorite draft beer home in your growler.

Stainless Steel Growler

steel growler
I really like this Hydro Flask insulated stainless steel growler.  It looks a little different than other growlers, but I think you may come to like it after I tell you more about it.  When you are looking for a growler you want something that is going to keep your beverage cold and fresh for an extended period of time, which the growler does.  This growler holds 64 oz. of beer, or half a gallon.  Here is what sets this growler apart from the others.

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  • Double Wall – The entire flask is completely vacuum insulated.  This means that there isn’t any matter between the stainless steel walls.  Without excess matter the temperature of the beer is not affected by the outside temperature.  Hydro Flask guarantees that your beer will stay cold for up 24 hours without refrigeration!
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel – You get a quality steel with this growler.  Not only that, but it is BPA free leaving you with absolutely no bacteria.
  • Sweat Free - Because of the double wall you will not have to worry about this growler sweating.
  • Lightweight – Given that it is very lightweight it can be carried on camping trips, hikes, walks on the beach, just about anywhere.
  • Quality - Wheenver I look at purchasing a new product I always look at the reviews on  After researching for the best growler I found this one, and currenty there are over 300 reviews on amazon with a 4.5 start rating.  This growler has more reviews then any other growler and it has the best reviews.  To put it simply this is a a quality product!

Another added benefit is that it comes with a lifetime warranty!  It also has a nice price-tag to it too! If you are looking for a great growler that will keep your beer cold for a long period of time, then look no further than the Hydro Flask.

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