What is The Best Heineken Kegerator?

Heineken is one of the biggest beer companies making 5 L kegs today.  Having a small keg of Heineken is great for your home or for a party.  A big question everyone asks is how many beers are in a Heineken mini keg?  There are about 169 ounces of beer in a small keg which gives you a little more than 14, 12 ounce beers.  More than enough for you, but just the right amount for a few friends!  The second big question everyone asks is what is the best Heineken kegeraor?  Read more to find out!

The Best Heineken Kegerator

heineken kegerator
I believe the best way to chill a Heineken keg is with a kegerator. Edgestar is one of my favorite brands and they have made an awesome kegerator for Heineken 5 L kegs.  There are a few other products out there that can chill your Heineken keg, but take it from me this is the the best one.

It is light-weight, has a good look to it, and comes with a drip tray.  What I love most about this kegerator is this:

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  • Quality pour – It uses DraughtKegTM carbonator technology that will you a great pour every time.
  • Temperature Gauge – Other kegerators give you one temperature to choose from, but this one gives you electronic controls which gives you the ability to choose the temperature you want.
  • The Price – This is the cheapest model 5L kegerator on the market today.  Other brands are considerably more expensive, and not as efficient.
  • Quality – So the price is right, but what about the quality?  The reviews on amazon say it all. This kegerator comes in right at a 4 star rating, giving you the confidence that other purchasers have enjoyed this product.  One reviewer said: “This was the best purchase I’ve made in a long time! It exceeded my expectations and has gained a lot of attention from my friends.”
  • Versatility – Not only is this kegerator perfect for Heineken, but can be easily modified to chill and serve any 5L keg.
  • Mobility – It comes with an AC and DC power adapters that allow you to hook it up in various places.

This Edgestar Heineken kegerator is a great product that will give you a perfect pour every time.  It could a great gift for your husband, friend, father, or beer enthusiast.  The price is right, and to be honest…having a small kegerator in your house is pretty cool.  Do yourself a favor, click below and purchase one today!

Purchase a Kegerator for your Heineken today!!!!

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