The Best Glass Beer Mugs I’ve Found

You are here because you like cold beer and want to drink it properly. Glass beer mugs are one of the best ways to include a cold draft beer. I used to drink my beer straight out of the bottle, but now I have found the best way to drink a beer is through a mug. There are many reasons why you should drink beer from a glass mug instead of a can or bottle. Below I have some information on a great mug at a great price that I think you will enjoy.

The Best Glass Beer Mugs

glass beer mugs
One of the main reasons you should think about purchasing this set of glass beer mugs is for a better drinking experience. When you pour your beer in a glass you get to really enjoy the aroma of the beer. Our sense of smell enhances our eating and drinking experience. When you can properly smell the beer you can enjoy the taste of it that much more. Your drinking experience is being limited without the ability to discern the complexities of your beer.

Another big reason you should drink beer from a glass is you can see the color of the beer. The color of a beer changes dramatically based on what kind of beer you are drinking. You also don’t get to enjoy a frothy head when you choose to drink from a bottle.

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Those are the main reasons that I chose to drink from a glass mug. Particularly the one that you see above that is made by Anchor Hocking. They are the leading maker of glass products in the US, so they know a thing or two about making great beer mugs. Here is what I love about these mugs:

  • Quality Glass – The mugs are very heavy and made from a very thick glass. The thickness is important because it keeps the beer colder longer.
  • Oversized – These mugs are able to hold over 20 oz. of beer!
  • Clear Glass – The ability to see the complexity of the beer color is important to me, and these mugs are crystal clear!

A few other features that are just as important are: dishwasher safe, sturdy, and can be put in freezer. Also, you will happy to know that over 146 people have reviewed this product on and gave it 5 out of 5 stars! Furthermore, you get 6 mugs at a very reasonable price.

If you are looking for a great set of beer drinking mugs then look no further than these. Click below to purchase yours today!

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