Best Compact Refrigerator Without Freezer!

Finding a compact refrigerator without freezer is not that hard of a task.  Having one can come in great handy because of the space and the ability to keep things cool without losing space because of a freezer.  What make the search difficult is the amount of products out there on the market that you have to sift through.  In this article I hope to help you cut through some of the mess and frustration so that you can find the perfect compact refrigerator without a freezer for your needs. Below you will find my reviews of the best ones on the market.


Compact Refrigerator Without Freezer

Compact Refrigerator Without FreezerMy overall favorite compact refrigerator without freezer has to be this Danby DAR017A2BDD.  It currently is the number 1 best selling product in its category on  It is 1.7 cu. ft. making it the perfect size for a dorm room, apartment, condo, or whatever you might need it for.  Some of my favorite features of it are:

  • Beverage Dispenser - It comes with a third-generation CanStor beverage dispenser.
  • Roomie -  Not only do cans fit perfectly but you can easily fit long and tall bottles in the fridge.  A lot of beer room!
  • Energy-Star Compliant – No need to worry about your electricity bills with this product because it is energy-start compliant, which means your yearly average electricity bill will only be about $27!
  • Mechanical Thermostat - Allowing you to stay in control!
  • Warranty! - The Danby comes with an 18 month warranty on all parts and labors.  I don’t know about you buy warranties help me sleep at night.

A few other things make this product my favorite…the price!  This Danby has one of the best price tags than the other fridges without freezers.  I love saving money whenever I can especially when I am purchasing a new product, and this one does not disappoint.

Lastly, I like the reviews that it has.  As of today there are 475 reviews on amazon with a 4.5 star rating!  You really can’t go wrong with this refrigerator.

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Danby DAR259BL 2.5-Cu. Ft. Designer Compact All Refrigerator

Next up is another Danby product.  If you are looking for something that has a little more space then you may want to go with this nice fridge.  It is 2.5 cu. ft., which is .8 cu ft. more than the one above.  It also has a lot of the same features as the refrigerator above like:  fits tall beverages, temperature adjustment, CanStor system, and Energy Star certified.  Really what it boils down to is what you need in regards to space.  If you think you need a roomier fridge then this might be the one that you need to go with.  It looks like a great product because it does have a lot of nice reviews.  One reviewer mentioned, Really like the fact there is no freezer, they are too small to be of much use and very few are self de-frosting. The unit is quite attractive and the interior has lots of space and holders for canned drinks.”

One thing that may factor into your purchase is price.  Unfortunately, you will be paying more for this spacier refrigerator.  All in all this is a great refrigerator that will bring you a lot of satisfaction.

As you can see Danby has a corner on the market when it comes to regrigerators without freezers.  Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of these two above mentioned products.  They will give you the room you need and more importantly keep your stuff cold and fresh!

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