The Best Bulk Beer Bottles

If you are homebrewing are thinking about homebrewing then you have to have bottles to put your beer in.  Yes, you can try collecting bottles or re-using your old beer bottles, but I have found that it is best and easiest to purchase bulk beer bottles.  Below you will find a great set of bottles that I believe you will love.

Bulk Beer Bottles

bulk beer bottles
The advantages of homebrewing are numerous, but nothing can ruin a homebrew like not having the right bottles to store your beer in.  Buying beer bottles in bulk can greatly enhance your brewing experience and help you to plan for how much beer you need to brew.  These bottles are some of the best on the market for several reasons.

First, they are made with great quality.  Whenever you buy anything you need to make sure you are getting the highest quality product for your money. Many of my homebrewing friends have let me know that these bottles have been used, and re-used without breakage.  Even while capping the beer, these bottles hold up well.

Secondly, they are amber bottles.  Amber bottles reduce the amount of UV light that can come into the bottle.  If there is a lot of UV light exposure then you risk spoiling your beer.

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Third, these bottles are not twist-off.  Unfortunately, twist off caps allow oxygen into the beer greatly increasing the risk of causing your beer to go flat. In order to properly use these bottles you will have to purchase a capper.

Fourth, the price is awesome!  For 24 bottles you can’t beat this price, and the quality of the product makes it even better!  Trust me, you aren’t getting a cheaply made product, but bottles that will last you a while.  One reviewer mentioned; “Even with the cost of shipping, I have not found a local brew shop or online vendor to sell 24 of these bottles for this price.”

If you want to take your homebrewing experience to the next level or if you are just getting into homebrewing then you can’t go wrong with these beer bottles.  In no time you can have your beer in one of these beautiful bottles and in the fridge. Do yourself a favor and purchase them today.  They are a money saver, time saver, headache saver, and a great way to preserve your precious beer.

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