The Best Beer Snifter

In my opinion the beer drinking experience is heightened when you are drinking from the right type of glass.  There are many different kids of glasses to drink beer from on the market: mugs, steins, and a beer snifter.  Drinking from a snifter as opposed to drinking from a bottle or a can is a lot better because you can really smell the aroma of the beer.  When beer is left in the bottle your nose can’t possibly absorb the complex smells of the beer.

In my opinion one of the best glasses to drink beer our of is the snifter.  I drink a lot of IPA’s and I’ve noticed a big difference in my ability to enjoy the beer and comprehend everything the beer has to offer by drinking from a snifter.  Finding a high quality snifter doesn’t have to be hard, and in fact if you keep reading I share my review of my favorite snifter.

My Favorite Beer Snifter

beer snifter
The glass you see to your right is by far my favorite way to enjoy my beer.  It is a 15 oz glass which makes for a perfect pour for a 12 oz. bottle.  Since it is a 15 ounce glass it gives you plenty of room for foam.  What sets this snifter a part from the other is:

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  • Made from Crystal – These thin glasses are not made cheaply, but have been constructed from high quality crystal.
  • Aromatic – As stated above, the best thing about this snifter is the shape.  The tulip bulbous shape really amplifies the different aromas and allows you to discern the hoppiness of the beer.
  • Versatility – While this snifter is intended for certain types of beer, I believe that you can use it for any beer that you love.  It will bring out the best of any beer you have.
  • Positive Reviews – Of course you can purchase a different snifter, but this one sets itself apart with 4.5 start rating on  You could be there next happy customer!

Another great thing about this snifter is that it comes as a set!  You can purchase 2, 4, or 6.  I also think they make a great gift for any beer enthusiast you know.

If you are searching for a new beer drinking glass or a snifter then I don’t think you can go wrong with this one.  Get ready to enjoy your beer like never before!  Click below to purchase yours today.

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