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Every kegerator owner will be faced with the same maintenance issues to keep their kegerator up and running so they can keep drinking quality beer.  One issue we all face is making sure our beer lines stay clean.  Sure you can have a technician do it for you, but why do that when you can purchase a beer line cleaner and do it yourself?  Cleaning your line is not as hard as it sounds, and within minutes you will back to enjoying your beer in no time. First, how do you know when to clean your lines.  I generally like to clean my lines after every keg to prevent any beer drinking interruptions.  You will also know that it is time to clean your line if you are facing any of the below issues:

  • Beer pours foamy
  • Beer is sputtering during pour
  • Funny or metallic taste

The above are the most common issues a dirty line will cause.  Just imagine, if beer is traveling through a dirty line then it will cause the pour to be errant and the taste to be compromised.  Again, the good news is that this is an easy fix.  Continue reading below to learn more.

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Best Beer Line Cleaner

beer line cleaner If you are facing the above issues then I would recommend cleaning your own lines and doing it with the cleaner you see here. This cleaner comes with an 80z. bag of cleaner that is a safe and easy powered cleaner. The package also includes faucet wrench, faucet brush, and a ball lifter for allowing liquid through the coupler. There is also a brass connection to connect the cleaning line to the tower. All of these items are very high quality! One of the best things this product comes with is step by step instructions!  Hence, there  is no way you are going to screw this up! I feel very comfortable recommending this product because of the quality of the cleaner, and the amount of positive reviews it has.  Whenever I make a significant purchase I always check the price and reviews.  Fortunately, this cleaner has a 4 start rating on amazon! The price is also very reasonable.  If you paid a technician to clean your lines then you are going to be paying more than the price of the cleaner and you will be paying it frequently.  By purchasing this cleaner you will be saving yourself a lot of money…which you can put towards more beer! If you have a dirty line then click on the link below and purchase your cleaner today!

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