Beer Bottle Capper for Homebrew

A beer bottle capper is a must have if you plan on doing any kind of homebrewing.  I have found a great capper that I think is easy to use and will cap your beer in no time.  It is great for beginniners and experienced homebrewers.  Read below for more information about this unique capper.

Beer Bottle Capper

beer bottle capper
If you are looking at how to cap your beer bottle then you have come to the right place.  What may seem difficult is actually quite easy…if you have the right piece of equipment.  In order to be able to cap your beer you need a bottle capper.  My favorite beer capper is the Red Baron Capper.  It is a heavy duty piece of equipment and weighs almost 5lbs.

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The Red Baron has simplified the process of capping your homebrew with this capper.  Here are some the best features it has:

  • Magnetic – You don’t have to worry about the cap slipping off because there is a built in magnet!  Just place the cap on it and your ready to go.
  • Spring Loaded – The spring on this capper allows you to push down smoothly with just the right amount of pressure so you have a smoother crimping motion.
  • Great Quality – There are currently 76 reviews on with an average of 4.5 stars!  This is your assurance that you are getting the best capper for your money. One reviewer commented; “I just got into brewing and I bought this bottle capper off Amazon for my first batch of bottles. It did a fantastic job, it’s intuitive, and it’s built solid.”
  • Great Price – Compared to many other cappers out there you can’t go wrong with this price.  Bottom line you are getting a great deal on this capper!
  • Easy To Use – A big question all of us want to know “is it user friendly?” And the answer is yes!  All you have to do is put the cap on the magnet, put the capper on the bottle and push down.  That’s it!

So, if you have been looking at how you are going to cap your beer after you brew it, then I hope this provides you with the information you need.  Seriously, I don’t think you can go wrong with this product.  This is a great beer bottle capper that is necessary for homebrew, and makes a unique beer gift. Click below to get yours today!

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