Avanti Kegerator Review

There are a few kegerator companies out there that are making small kegerators for 5L kegs.  If you are looking for a kegerator for this size keg then there is the Avanti kegerator.  It is 1.7 cubit feet and is very portable.  They have made a name for themselves as a company that is specializing in making smaller kegerators.  There are some good qualities about this keg, but sadly, there are significant con’s.  I want to give you an unbiased review, and if you like the product you can purchase it, but I will also show you some other options as well.

Avanti Kegerator

avanti kegerator
As smaller kegs become more popular we are finding more options on the market to cool them with a kegerator.  There are more beer companies making 5L kegs, and therefore we need more ways to cool them at parties or at home.  Avanti is one of the most popular companies and creators of a kegerator that will fit this size keg.  Here are there pro’s and con’s of this kegerator:


  • 2 kegs – This kegerator actually holds two mini kegs!  How cool is that?  In fact there are no other 5l kegerators that hold two small kegs.  Avanti has tried to separate themselves by making a bigger refrigerator.
  • Compact – Avanti has made the design compatible so you can transport it around easily.  It is made so that it can be portable, but at 50 lbs. it seems a little heavy.
  • Temperature control – It comes with a digital temperature control so you can choose how cold you want your beer.

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  • Price – Personally, you can buy this Edgestar for about seventy dollars less, and get a better product.  Seriously, I’m not sure why this thing is priced so high.
  • Quality – I always look at reviews on amazon to see what other purchasers like myself are saying, and to be honest the reviews aren’t that great.  Most buyers are referencing the lack of quality this kegerator has to offer.  It is averaging about 3 stars, but again the Edgestar is getting consistently 4.5 star rating and it is cheaper in price.

There are some positive reviews, and there are people out there that have purchased this kegerator and had great success with it, but there are few of those.  You can take your chances, and try it out because it does hold 2 mini kegs.  This is the best quality this kegerator has, but is it worth it?  It’s up to you to decide.  If you would like more information on the Edgestar then click here.

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