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If you are brewing your own beer then you have probably wondered, “how am I going to transfer this beer?”  If you have, then it is time to think about purchasing a beer pump.  A beer transfer pump will allow you to move your wort seamlessly from one vessel to another vessel.  By purchasing a pump you could really take your home brewing experience to the next level!  Currently there are a few different models and brands available. Some very expensive and some less expensive that don’t sacrifice quality.  Below I provide you with more information on the best pump on the market.

The Best Beer Pump

beer pumpCurrently the two best options for you in the beer pump market is a pump made by March and the other made by Chugger.  My personal favorite goes to the Chugger model because it is a great product and it is a lot more affordable than March.  Personally, if I can find a product that can do a great job and save money, then I will go with the cheaper option.

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We have established that he price is definitely right on the Chugger Stainless Steel Brewing Pump Center Inlet, but what about the rest of its features.

  • Powerful Motor – The Chugger has 25% more power than the March.  Not only does it win in price, but it wins in power!
  • Stainless Steel Head – The Chugger also has a magnetic drive that will allow you to transfer liquids as hot as 250 degrees Fahrenheit.  Also, as you know, stainless steel gives it a higher quality.
  • Primes Easy - Many people that have purchased this pump have shared how easy it is to prime it!
  • Large Center Inlet – Because The Chugger has such a large center inlet it allows you have an increased flow rate.
  • Very Quiet – Other pump models can be obnoxiously loud when in use, but not The Chugger.  This pump is known for being very quiet.

As you can see this pump has a lot of great things going for it: price, quality, and it even has a 4.5 star rating on amazon.  If you are a homebrewer then you have got to pick up The Chugger.  It blows other competition like the March out of the water with its price, and it doesn’t sacrifice on quality.  Click below to purchase The Chugger today!

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